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5ft Tiered Garden System

5ft Tiered Garden System

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Color - Stained Wood additional $50 per tier

This garden planter system offers an impressive 20-30 sq ft per tier (depending on size) of growing space! Our hanging garden units use non-treated Ceder wood which is naturally rot-resistant.


  • Design is decorative/functional. Patent # 9986694 B2
  • Grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and succulents
  • Drip irrigation runs through each tier, drainage diverters allow water to pass from top tiers to the ones below

Product details

  • Frame: Welded steel frame
  • Material: FSC sustainably harvested western red cedar
  • Gardening space offered: 20-30 sq. ft. depending on size.
  • Agricultural liner: Food grade agricultural liner, ensures the wood never comes into contact with the moisture or soil. (no vapor barrier required with our patented system)
  • Self Watering: Yes
  • Capacity: 2 cubic ft per tier, 200-300 quarts, 190-285 liters depending on size.


Shipping & Returns


Length is as ordered by size, important bracket information:

Braket lengths:

1 Tier 16"

2 Tiers 31"

3 Tiers 46"

4 Tiers 60"

5 Tiers 76"

Care Instructions

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